Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Strength through pacifism?

Heather Robinson listened to Sen. Clinton speak to the AIPAC (America Israel Public Affairs Committee):

[Sen. Clinton] continued, “I also want to send a message to the rest of the world if [force] becomes necessary that we have exhausted all measures…because we will need friends to stand by us as we stand with Israel as we approach this long war.”

Okay, maybe there’s something to this last part. Then again, look how well the world remembers, respects, and stands by America for our efforts to exhaust all other measures (to the tune of 19 UN resolutions and an embargo for which we were excoriated) to contain Saddam Hussein, prior to the time force became necessary.

So Sen. Clinton's idea is that one makes friends and allies by showing weakness. Ms. Robinson is of course right that this doesn't work in the real world. It is however something that liberals, ex-Pres. Jimmy Carter comes to mind, believe in very strongly.

Even more curious, liberals don't seem to practice this one themselves. How many of dictators that Jimmy Carter thinks he is best-friends with would be the last one to use force, waiting until they have "exhausted all other measures"? In domestic policy, liberals are often championing murderer-rights and trying to reduce punishments. Murderers, such as crips gang co-founder and liberal cause celeb Stanley Tookie Williams, certainly didn't earn the friendship of liberals by being the last to use force.

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