Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Quick links to recent press fakery and press bias stories

The New York Times wrote a completely false story about abortion rights in El Salvador. The story claimed that Carmen Climaco had been convicted of having an abortion and sentenced to 30 years. This story was written in collaboration with an abortion advocacy group, IPAS, that used the article for fund-raising. However, the truth was that Ms. Climaco was convicted not of abortion but of infanticide on a born live baby. Several NYT editors continued the cover-up for weeks as later revealed by NYT Public Editor Calame. More here.

A fake NYT story on Saddam's last words is exposed here.

The group think of our "independent journalists" is documented here.

The Washington Post falsely claimed that Iraq Study Group member Clifford D. May was "won over" to the negotiate with Iran and Syria policy suggestion. When the error was pointed out, the newspaper refused to correct it and wouldn't publish Mr May's letter of correction.

The AP misrepresents the flying imam controversy.

The New York Daily News misrepresents a new law on postal mail inspection.

The AP misrepresented the history of the Kyoto treaty to blame Bush.

Another Lebanon fauxtography scandal is exposed.

Pamela Hess of the UPI points out one of the media's key bias problems when covering foreign policy.

KC Johnson reviews the Paula Zahn show (CNN) to demonstrate how uninformed some of the MSM talking head "experts" really are. Sometimes, it is hard to draw the line between bias and simple ignorance.

Across the pond, Gene Miller has noticed that the London Guardian just republished the NY Times story on Carmen Climaco in its original and uncorrected form. They did this even after the NY Times acknowledged the errors.

It appears that the AP and the NY Times were again caught presenting Palestinian propaganda as fact. More here and here.

The Washington Post appears to have been caught misrepresenting the basic facts of the Plame affair.

The German newspaper FAZ got its facts quite wrong on the Jamil Hussein story.

UPDATE 2/24/07: Confederate Yankee has done some research on AP's favorite source, Capt. Jamil Hussein:

Jamil Hussein doesn't exist. He never did, as [Iraqi Ministry spokesman] Brigadier General Abdul-Karim Khalaf confirmed.

AP's source is another name entirely, and what's more, AP knows I have the right name, which is why they're clamming up now, instead of issuing heated denials as they have in the past.

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