Sunday, September 23, 2007

The real 9-11 conspiracy exposed!

In Arthur Magazine, Douglas Rushkoff develops a new 9-11 conspiracy theory. He starts by throwing cold water on the existing 9-11 truther theories:
I have to admit that I do this with some trepidation. I can already feel the assault on my inbox. But after a good long think about potential time and energy being lost by our entire community to senseless and ultimately inconsequential musings, I have to come out and say it: the alternative theories about 9-11 are wrong. Worse, the endless theorizing and speculation about trajectories, explosives, military tests, fake airplane parts and remote control navigation actually distracts some of our best potential activists from addressing the more substantive matters at hand.
Then he hypothesizes that there is a government conspiracy to create 9-11 conspiracy theories:
9-11 theorists are unwittingly performing as the unpaid minions of the administration’s propaganda wing. (At least most of them are unpaid; no doubt, some of the loudest are working as contractors for the same agencies whose activities they pretend to deconstruct.)
So, there you have it: the "loudest" 9-11 truthers are actually paid by the government "as contractors" to spread 9-11 conspiracy theories for the purpose of diverting "our best potential activists" from discovering the real and "substantive" issues.

Mr. Rushkoff does not present a single example of a government-paid 9-11 truther to support his theory. But evidence is evidently not the point: conspiracy theories must serve some psychological purpose of their own, something unrelated to the quest for truth.

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