Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rice Derangement Syndrome

Glenn Kessler, a Newsweek "journalist," has written a book, The Confidante, attacking Secretary of State Rice. As reported by AFP:
"The invasion of Iraq, the missed opportunity with Iran, the breach in relations with Europe, the Arab anger at a perceived bias against the Palestinians -- all of these problems were the direct result of decisions she helped make in the White House," he writes.
"The breach in relations with Europe"? That might have existed four years ago but both France and Germany have now replaced their old anti-American governments with new pro-American ones. Whatever "breach" there was is no more. Further, it ended, for the US, the best possible way: Their governments moved toward our positions.

Mr. Kessler's claim that there ever was an "opportunity" with Iran seems fanciful. Mr. Kessler may not understand the "perceived bias against the Palestinians" but it might have to do with the fact that the evidence shows that their military intentionally targets schools and child care centers.

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