Thursday, September 13, 2007

Who wants to be the last to die for a regulation?

There is an interesting letter to the Wall Street Journal today on the subject of auto gas mileage regulations, known as corporate average fuel economy standard (CAFE):

Higher government fuel economy standards for vehicles aren't only a royal waste of money, they're also a killer regulation -- literally. Current CAFE standards increase traffic deaths by restricting the production of larger, more crash-worthy cars; according to a 2002 National Research Council study, CAFE contributes to about 2,000 deaths per year. This toll will get even worse if these standards are made more stringent. But while proponents drone on endlessly about how raising CAFE would reinvigorate the auto industry and save the planet, they never once mention the fact that it would make driving more dangerous. In short, CAFE is a blood-for-oil regulatory war, waged on civilians.

Sam Kazman
General Counsel
Competitive Enterprise Institute

If Mr. Kazman's statistic is true, then far more Americans are dying each year from CAFE than from fighting in the Iraq war.

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Jacks said...

Thats an interesting comparison. I do some work with the AAM and I've seen a lot about this issue recently because of the current energy bill thats going through congress. There's actually a ton of good info on this subject over at DriveCongress - it even has stuff for contacting your congressman on it which is really useful.

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