Sunday, October 14, 2007

MSM v. Iraq: update

The MSM is not yet discussing the main point of Gov. Sanchez' recent speech but the Washington Post is admitting that the good news from Iraq is becoming "hard to dispute." More here.


Anonymous said...

mullah cimoc say fox tv propaganda agent kristol him the so fake, the example:

him love military for the kill him muslim but never him serve in military.

next, him claim be republican free enterprise success business man but in true him magazine weekly standard never once make the profit and just the subsidize by him rupert murdoch for the propaganda operation.

but him to sneer and disgrace him gen. sanchez. only him israeli agent to be the so agressive and transparent. what think ameriki?

John said...

You forgot to mention how much he loves military to tear the wings off flies and to steal candy from babies.

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