Monday, July 07, 2008

Birth certificate not forged

Texas Darlin, a pro-Hillary website, has been promoting theories by JimJ (of noquarterusa) and Polarik, that Sen. Obama's birth certificate is a fake. A. J. Strata explains why he thinks that their theories are "BS." Charles Johnson (of Rathergate memo and fauxtography fame) agrees: the birth certificate is genuine.

Previously, Larry Johnson, another blogger at the pro-Hillary site, noquarterusa, was claiming special knowledge of the Michelle Obama whitey tape that he never produced.

UPDATE: Separately, an Obama supporter, Donald Sutherland, is claiming that Hillary supporters are "doing their damndest to undermine" Obama. He may be on to something.

UPDATE II: Someone at AtlasShrugs calling himself "Techdude" is making yet another claim that the Obama certificate is forged. A. J. Strata has replied here.

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