Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Swedish nanny state

The schools in Sweden have decided that they have the authority to decide who gets invitations to an 8-year boy's birthday party. As reported by the BBC:
An eight-year-old boy has sparked an unlikely outcry in Sweden after failing to invite two of his classmates to his birthday party.

The boy's school says he has violated the children's rights and has complained to the Swedish Parliament. ....

The boy's father has lodged a complaint with the parliamentary ombudsman. ....

The boy handed out his birthday invitations during class-time and when the teacher spotted that two children had not received one the invitations were confiscated. ....

A verdict on the matter is likely to be reached in September, in time for the next school year.
It is a good thing that the Swedish Parliament has nothing more important to do.

Hat tip: Blue Crab Blvd .

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Anonymous said...

I am a conservative, and I agree that in a school setting no child should be left out (as in not receiving a party invitation handed out during the school day).
Parents have enough problems with cliques being part of childrens tendency of excluding others to achieve their own "specialness".
Is this hard to understand!

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