Monday, September 29, 2008

Democrats and their Sex-Symbol-in-Chief

ABC News reports on Sen. Obama:
The rain pouring down, his jacket off, his white dress-shirt clinging to his body, Barack Obama played to a crowd ....
That does sound more like a romance novel than a news report, doesn't it?

The New York Times wrote a similar sounding report about Al Gore during his 1988 run for the Democratic nomination:

If politics is the art of pleasing different groups of people simultaneously, Senator Albert Gore Jr., Democrat of Tennessee, seems to have chosen the right profession. ....

Mr. Gore is solidly built, dark and indisputably handsome.

In Sept. 2003, the (UK) Independent saw then candidate Sen. John Kerry in the same light:
Construct your identikit Democratic Presidential candidate and you would come up with someone pretty much like John Forbes Kerry. Handsome, tall and intelligent. Jutting jaw and gravitas by the bucketful.
The weird thing about Democrats sexualizing their presidential candidates is that they also see US presidents as father figures.

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