Tuesday, September 02, 2008

'Peace' Protesters turn violent

Busses on their way to the Republican convention in St. Paul were attacked. In one instance, some leftists threw sandbags down from an overpass. If they had managed to hit the windshield, people would likely have died. John Hinderaker describes a separate attack on a bus of Cub Scouts on their way to the convention.

PREVIOUSLY, the subject of peace protesters turning violent was discussed here and here. Liberal confusion on the subject of what 'peace' means was further illustrated here when Reuters described Palestinians carrying rifles and RPG launchers as being peace protesters.

UPDATE: The NY Post has more on peace protesters at the Republican Convention:
The rampaging protesters attacked members of the Connecticut delegation, spraying them with a noxious liquid. One 80-year-old delegate needed medical treatment.

UPDATE II: Still more attacks, including roughing up, spitting, and spraying attendees with toxic substances, are described by GatewayPundit.

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