Monday, September 08, 2008

Health food to die for

Kate Finn, a former gymnast from Rhode Island, developed an obsession with health food. (WARNING: this story does not have a happy ending.) As ABC News reports:

She was so absorbed with cleansing her body of toxins ... that was her lifelong goal," said Erin Finn, Kate's sister.

In the quest for purity, Finn eliminated more and more from her diet. Her appearance deteriorated. "The beautiful, vibrant Kate had really become someone that looked much older. People would stare," Erin Finn said.

Finn wasn't anorexic. Erin Finn said her sister knew she was underweight, but she insisted on eating only foods she considered "pure."

Like Charlotte Anderson, Kate Finn kept a diary documenting her desperate descent. One entry reads, "What do I do to gain weight? I'm afraid, confused."

Finally, Finn agreed to let her family take her to a hospital.

"Our niece went to pick her up," her sister said, "and found her."

But it was too late. She was discovered dead, at age 37.

The story gets stranger: one of her health food gurus, Viktoras Kulvinskas, considers her death to be some kind of new age-type victory:
As Finn's family read through her diary, they learned that she had been listening to several health food gurus. Among the experts: Viktoras Kulvinskas.

Kulvinskas's appearance in Finn's diary doesn't surprise him.

"I'm in the diary of so many people who overcome cancer, asthma and diabetes," he said. "My compassion reaches out to her that she took the path. Well, at least she got detoxified and clean, and moved on into another incarnation."

This story is something to remember the next time that some do-gooder tells you what to do to improve your health or your environment.

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