Monday, October 19, 2009

Obamacare still unpopular

Despite the speeches and talk show appearances, Rasmussen reports that likely voters oppose Obamacare by 54% to 42%, numbers that, given the margins of error, are little changed since August. Pres. Obama's presidential approval index is also stuck at a low level with 40% who strongly disapprove vs. only 30% who strongly approve:
Looking carefully at the plot, you can see that he received a bump up in approval after his prime-time health care speech and another bump after his Olympics trip. Neither bump lasted. He might do better if he learn to stop being so bitterly partisan and divisive.

UPDATE (21-Oct-2009): The strongly-approve number has dropped to 27% and, with the other numbers remaining unchanged, this lowers the Rasmussen's "approval index" to -13. This change is within the 3% margin of error for the poll.

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