Sunday, October 25, 2009

Obama's war on Fox

On ABC's This Week (video below), Laura Ingraham explains why the Obama administration likes ABC but not Fox:
[W]hen [ABC anchor] Charlie Gibson didn't know what the ACORN story was all about, that was a collective gasp you heard across the United States. Charlie Gibson is an esteemed journalist. How do you not know about a story about a group where President Obama cut his political teeth that had been exposed to the extent that Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill were ready to pull the rug out from under them and their funding? That's the kind of story that the White House doesn't want to have reported and repeated on other networks. That's why they don't like Fox News.
Cynthia Tucker points out that it is amateur-hour at the White House: "The scandal for the Obama administration is not that they are trying to manipulate the news media but that they seem to be so clumsy at it."

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