Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jane Jamison, RIP

One of the San Francisco Bay Area's finest bloggers has passed away. She wrote under the pen name Jane Jamison and was the founder of the very successful Uncoverage.net blog and, more recently, a contributor at Right Wing News.

In a recent post, she described some of the perils of being a conservative in the San Francisco Bay Area:
I have written for years and worked radio for years under a pen name. I do so because in the past when I used my real name for my broadcast and written work, I have had my car vandalized, my home vandalized, phone threats, death threats and my children were approached by strangers at their sports activities.

Liberals can be very dangerous people, especially here in the bay area, where I have had my tires flattened and my car windows broken when I attended counterprotests against liberal groups. They have pushed, shoved and threatened me with violence at their protests over the years when I would show up with counter protest signs or question their activities. I unfortunately, have to do work with liberals in the San Francisco bay area who undoubtedly would fire me or not hire me due to my political beliefs, so I keep my professional writing persona and my personal life “separate” for my safety. [Emph. added]

(It is wise to remember that liberals are not "tolerant.")

Although I never met Ms. Jamison in person, she was a long-time friend of this blog. Examples of our shared interest in SF Bay Area protests are here and here. At Uncoverage, she did impressive original investigative work exposing the scandals that the local media preferred to ignore. Her contribution to the cause of freedom will not be forgotten.

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