Monday, February 22, 2010

Pushing a losing agenda

After he sounded moderate during his State of the Union address, polls showed a sharp rise in Pres. Obama's popularity. Now that he is once again pushing Obamacare, the post-SotU address bounce has disappeared:Rasmussen says that Pres. Obama's current, as of Sunday, net approval (strongly approve minus strongly disapprove) is -19%, the second lowest on record. The only lower number, -21%, was from last December 22 just as the Senate was about to force through, on a pure party-line vote, its health care takeover bill.

UPDATE: As of Monday, 22-Feb-2010, the net approval remains unchanged at Sunday's -19.

SEPARATELY, John Hinderaker reports that the Obama administration is considering, as a way of financing their deficits, a government takeover of your 401(k).

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