Thursday, February 25, 2010

Former AP reporter fears for the children if they are exposed to tea partiers

The Bay Area Patriots, led by Sally Zelikovsky, has organized several San Francisco tea parties, including the tax day, Obama, and sick-in parties. Currently, the group is organizing a meeting of SF Bay area conservative groups for a networking event. They choose a central location for this event, the Mill Valley Community Center, which "ironically" is in trendy liberal Marin County. This has upset some Marin County residents, as the Mill Valley Herald reports:
It’s an irony that doesn’t sit well with local resident Deborah Phelan, a former AP reporter who now works in public relations. Infuriated by the images and rhetoric employed by Tea Party groups across the nation, Phelan said city property should not play host to a right-wing get-together.
The former AP reporter is particularly upset about the harm that would be done to children if they were to be exposed to conservatives or libertarians:
“We have young kids going there to swim, to go to classes,” Phelan said. “Do you want your kid to walk by a picture of the president of the U.S. with the horrible things they say about him?”

Phelan has appealed to city officials to cancel the event, but that appears unlikely. Parks and Recreation Director Christine Sansom said the Community Center can’t discriminate against groups who want to rent the center based on politics.
Ms. Phelan does not plan to let the issue drop:
Phelan nonetheless says she’ll keep seeking ways to stop the gathering from taking place in Mill Valley. “I feel our local government has to make a stand against this movement, which I view as seditious,” she said.
Ms. Zelikovsky describes the Bay Area Patriots core principles as “limited government, individual rights, free markets and lower taxes,” which, of course, any self-respecting AP reporter would consider "seditious."

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Larry Sheldon said...

Do they still have the "Conservatives: Don't let sundown catch you here" signs on the Waldo Grade?

Anonymous said...

So I'm sure it would be okay to host a Left Wing event on public property in Marin Country.

The Left is clearly afraid of having to make a stand in The Marketplace of Ideas. That is a sure sign of insecurity.

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