Monday, February 04, 2013

Obama's Treasury nominee is yet another law-breaker?

The Washington Times reports:
Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Budget Committee, has repeatedly demanded the Obama administration comply with the Medicare law.

He and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul D. Ryan wrote Mr. Obama in 2011 demanding he submit the plan required by law.
But budget and notification laws are routinely ignored.
Mr. Obama has missed this year’s legal deadline for submitting a budget, blaming the late passage of the tax increase deal early last month.
In 2010 through 2011, during the time when the Medicare submission was required, the person in charge of the White House budget office was Jacob "Jack" Lew.   Pres. Obama has nominated Lew to be Secretary of the Treasury, replacing Timothy Geithner who, during his confirmation hearings, was caught owing $34,000 in back taxes.

Many of Obama's nominees have had problems with ethics, tax, or law (click here).  Many of Clinton's nominees, along with Democrat Senators, have violated tax law.

It is amazing that those who fail to comply with existing laws are also among the ones most eager to enact new laws.

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