Sunday, February 03, 2013

Popular resistance

We've seen Occupy Wall Streeters throw rocks, smash cars, and break windows.  Their movement, however, merely represented the inchoate anger and frustrations of youth.  As such, it was be unlikely to develop any coherent leadership.  If it had been more organized, it might have resembled that the Baader Meinhof gang whose deadly attacks terrorized Germany in the 1970s.  Such a movement is more like a crime wave, though, that a serious political movement.

By contrast, consider this town hall (video below) in the sleepy town of Buffalo New York.  Gov. Cuomo's new gun law threatens prison for those who don't destroy or turn in their "assault" weapons.  It is quite clear from the comments at this meeting, however, that many Americans consider the right of self-defense every bit as important as a civil right as, say,  the right to free speech.  These citizens talk of noncompliance and one man went further, talking of armed insurrection:
When angry people get together, they form militias.  This country, this Western New York area, is prime for something like that.

Between Obamacare, bailouts, deficits, and attacks on the 2nd Amendment, the left is pushing a more divisive agenda now that at any time in at least the past seventy years.   It is hard to see this ending well.

Hat tip: Instapundit and No Lawyers

Thousands attend San Francisco rally in support of the 2nd Amendment

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