Monday, November 15, 2010

California Supreme Court rules: Illegals get in-state tuition

The LA Times reports that California taxpayers will be required to fund higher education for illegals:
The California Supreme Court decided unanimously Monday that illegal immigrants may continue to be eligible for in-state tuition rates at the state's colleges and universities rather than pay the higher rates charged to those who live out of state. . . .

[T]he state high court said a California law that guarantees the lower tuition for students who attend California high schools for at least three years and graduate does not conflict with a federal prohibition on giving illegal immigrants educational benefits based on residency.
In other words, if California gives you 3 years of taxpayer-paid high school education even though you are illegal, then the taxpayers must also subsidize, via reduced tuition, your higher education. There is a significant catch: California ranks 49th out of the 50 states for high school education. Self-respecting illegals may want to get their high school education elsewhere, possibly in a state that is not currently headed toward bankruptcy.

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