Thursday, November 04, 2010

Liberal sexism on display

In a story about Rep. Michelle Bachman's bid for a House leadership position, the liberal newspaper Politico decides to use a photo (at right) of her applying makeup. They wouldn't do that to a male politician getting TV makeup. The sexism is obvious.

Separately, listen to Chris Matthews try to abuse her on MSNBC. As background, in October 2008, Rep. Bachmann called on the media to report on the candidates with unsavory and anti-American views. At the time, of course, they couldn't do that because their candidate was Pres. Obama. Two years later, Matthews is still hounding on her on that. (Apparently, the media see a call for honest reporting as being the same thing as "McCarthyism.") After politely ignoring the taunts, she zings him back:

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