Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It was all about the racism and sexism

I listened to a few minutes of Rachel Maddow last night and she was sure that Brown won because Massachusetts voters are anti-female. In the video below, MSNBC commentator Donnie Deutsch continues on that theme explaining that Brown won because he was white and male and Massachusetts voters found "comfort" in that:
The transcript:
“We’re going back to basics, we’ve obviously had our first African American president we’ve had the female candidates and whatnot you look at him he looks like the candidate, the traditional view of the candidate, and is there a visceral comfort in that for people? I’m just curious from real kind of sociological point of view.”
Hat tip: GatewayPundit.

Over at Politico, Jeannie Cummings and Erika Lovley similarly blamed Coakley's loss on a "glass ceiling" for women in Massachusetts.

Voters say the election was about Obamacare which is not popular even in the only state that voted for Geo. McGovern for president. It is understandable that liberals would find more comfort in believing that the election was about sexism. In a state with so many left-wing Democrats, there might even be some element of truth to that belief (see the links below).

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