Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Global warming's profiteers

Today, on the Mother Nature Network, I ran across this defense of the UN IPCC. Note the incoherence of the headline:

What is the "fake ammo"? The headline is referring to the UN's claim that science proved that there was a "greater than 90%" chance that the Himalayan glacier would melt by the year 2035 when actually there was no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the claim. Mr. Burkart's article admits as much although preferring to characterize it, as you see in the headline, as a "goof-up." Of course, once he has made that admission, then the "ammo" is real not "fake."

"Goof-up" implies some kind of innocent mistake which might be a reasonable claim if it was just the 2035 glacier scandal. The UN IPCC's reports, however, are "riddled" with non-science papers.

As best I can tell, Mr. Burkart's argument about "ammo" being "fake" comes down to:
But all the evidence points to the same conclusion: The Himalayan glaciers are as a whole diminishing. So let’s put that to rest right away. No debate. It’s melting. Get used to it.
Since the end of the little ice age, the Earth has been warming at a rate of roughly 0.5°C per century. Since this has been going on for centuries, it seems clear that this is unrelated man-made CO2 which has only been significant only for a few decades. So, simple statements that things are warming, or that glaciers are melting, do not, in any way, prove that the warming is caused by man-made greenhouse gases or that such gases will lead us to imminent disaster.

Who is Mr. Burkart? According to his online bio:
After receiving a Masters in Architecture, Karl earned a LEED certification and created one of the green building industry's first web-based design tools, the GreenMatrix, later adopted in California by the county of Alameda. Realizing the power of the web to illuminate the complex world of "green" he helped launch several websites including EVO.com, developed a variety of social network widgets, and lectured internationally on the subject of digital media, technology and the environment. Karl has his own blog called Greendig: real dirt on the environment, and he consults with both nonprofits and corporations. His goal -- to leverage the power of the internet to bring about a new age of solar-powered enlightenment, one in which people and nature happily coexist.
So, "global warming" is his business: he sells "green" solutions. Mr. Burkart is not the only one making a profit off of "global warming." It is well known that Al Gore has made a large fortune from global warming. Also, IPCC chairman appears to have used the Himalayan glacier scam to make a small fortune.

Don't blame scientists for the IPCC scam: Over 30,000 American scientists, including over 9,000 Ph.D.s, have publicly signed this petition skeptical of global warming alarmism.

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