Friday, December 11, 2009

UN IPCC responds to Climategate with wild accusations

At a press conference in Copenhagen, journalist Phelim McAleer asked IPCC official and Stanford Professor Stephen Schneider about Climategate. Dr. Schneider responds by claiming that the Climategate e-mails had been "redacted'':
"I don't make comments based on redacted e-mails presented to me by people who values I don't trust.''

Reporter McAleer and his cameraman were removed from the press conference by armed UN guards, reportedly at the request of Schneider's staff.

Since none of the people involved in Climategate have disputed the accuracy of the e-mails, Prof. Schneider's claim that the e-mails were redacted seems both desperate and ill-informed.

It is also revealing that, with all the news media covering the conference in Copenhagen, a UN IPCC official such as Dr. Schneider was taken by surprise by a simple question on Climategate. Apparently, they must feel so confident in the docility of the international press that they are not bothering to prepare responses.

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