Tuesday, December 29, 2009

His 30 pieces of silver does not make him popular

The special deals for Nebraska that Sen. Reid gave to Sen. Nelson (D-NE) in exchange for his vote on Obamacare has not made him popular in Nebraska.  Rasmussen reports that a mere 17% of Nebraskans approve:

Just 17% of Nebraska voters approve of the deal their senator made on Medicaid in exchange for his vote in support of the plan. Overall, 64% oppose the health care legislation, including 53% who are Strongly Opposed. In Nebraska, opposition is even stronger than it is nationally.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters in the state believe that passage of the legislation will hurt the quality of care, and 62% say it will raise costs.....

Forty-two percent (42%) say their senator has been too supportive of President Obama’s agenda while 13% say he’s not been supportive enough. Thirty percent (30%) say he’s got the balance about right.

Interestingly, Obamacare even less popular among the uninsured, the supposed beneficiaries of the plan, than among the insured, as Ed Morrissey details:
Here’s an interesting internal: among those uninsured, 62% disapprove of Nelson after his vote on ObamaCare.  In fact, fewer uninsured approve of Nelson (37%) than insured (39%).

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