Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obama sets another record

Rsmussen tracks Pres. Obama's approval index as the percent of likely voters who strongly support him minus the percent who strongly disapprove. Up until two days ago, this index had never dropped below -15. Today, it has dropped to a record of -19:The strong approval number has dropped to 23% while the strong disapproval has risen to 42%. Among the important "unaffiliated" voters, strong disapprovals, at 49%, outnumber strong approvals, at 21%, by more than two to one.

Separately, only 41% support the Obamacare bill currently working through Congress while 51% oppose. This is the first time that support for the bill has stayed this low for two weeks in a row.

PREVIOUSLY, on the subject of recent polls:
Democrats twice as likely to have seen a ghost as Republicans.
If there were a Tea Party, it would out-poll the GOP.
For 306 straight days, Obama's polls have never been above Carter's.

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