Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009: Obama's domestic policies in review

The big news in 2009 was just how strongly Pres. Obama alienated the moderates who had voted for him.  Obama played a post-partisan post-racial moderate during the Fall election campaign but, after entering office, announced a 60s-style liberal agenda. Pew Research Center summarizes how the public reacted:

What's really exceptional at this stage of Obama's presidency is the extent to which the public has moved in a conservative direction on a range of issues. These trends have emanated as much from the middle of the electorate as from the highly energized conservative right. Even more notable, however, is the extent to which liberals appear to be dozing as the country has shifted on both economic and social issues.

Pew Research surveys throughout the year have found a downward slope in support both for an activist government generally and for a strong safety net for the needy, in particular. Chalk up these trends to a backlash against Obama policies that have expanded the role of government.

More surprising is declining support for gun control, a fall in support for abortion rights, and a rise in public doubts about global warming. [Emph. added.]

What is more amazing to me is that the public went right despite Obama having worshipful support from the legacy media.

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