Monday, January 04, 2010

7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes

This video is several months old but it has not lost any of its significance:

Pres. Obama's promises (above) to be transparent, open, and ethical contrast sharply with the news that Democrats are 'almost certain' to negotiate their final Obamacare bill in secret.

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Dave B said...

We have now entered the realm of treasonous actions by our elected officials. This is not hyperbole, it is reality. We are at war, we have economic concerns and can barely fund the war and remunerate our soldiers, their families, and the military complex so that we can win this war and protect our citizens.

Our politicians are purposely undermining our economy,diverting funds, acting against the wishes of the country's citizens, depleting our resources that are desperately needed for our war efforts, clandestinely undermining our liberties and Constitutional rights as citizens of this country... the thing our soldiers and law enforcement are fighting and dying for, so that they can effectively achieve a socialistic-type political "coupe" by passing unconstitutional laws that will ensure they remain in power in one form or another and will be in control of and be in a powerful position to restrict the lives of the citizens, suppress any opposition, and are ignoring the will of the people and the reality of our economic situation in an alarming way.

Democrats have shown and are acting like cowardly opportunists that will sell out the country in order to remain in power, are willing to become whores for their votes, are willing to and have sold out other states and the taxpayers of those states to satisfy those few elitists in power despite the pain and hardship it will cause to the entire nation and our war effort. Their actions are so reprehensible and corrupt they can't even operate in the light of day or out in the open.

I'm a peaceful man but I can now, for the first time, understand why these bastards were tarred and feathered in the past. They can mess with me and I will deal with it, but don't mess with my children and grandchildren. I won't allow them to do it and neither will millions of other fathers, mothers, and concerned citizens. They obviously STILL don't have a clue as to what is perculating in this country and the mood of her citizens. If they did, they certainly wouldn't believe that they could do what they're attempting to do.

John said...

Once again, Dave B, well said!

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