Tuesday, September 07, 2010

ABC News in review

David Westin just left ABC after 14 years as president of ABC News. Brent Bozell reviews his record:
Under his leadership, Westin continually promoted some of the most liberally biased reporters in news, including George Stephanopoulos, Diane Sawyer, Christine Amanpour and Bill Weir. He hired an Obama donor as ABC’s new Senior Medical Editor in the midst of the healthcare debate and ignored the 83,000 Americans who petitioned him to ensure that ABC reported the truth about Obama’s government takeover of healthcare. Westin neglected to address the obvious conflict of interest in George Stephanopoulos’ daily strategy phone call with Rahm Emanuel, and failed to keep his promise that ABC News would offer ‘objective’ reporting on the War on Terror in 2003. He even had the gall to suggest that the Pentagon was a legitimate terrorism target in the wake of September 11th. Two years later, he banned any ABC News personnel from wearing a patriotic flag lapel pin.
The legacy media deserve to go bankrupt.

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