Saturday, September 04, 2010

San Franciscans rally against Pelosi

In California's 8th Congressional district, John Dennis is mounting a challenge against Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Today, a thousand or more San Franciscans rallied in support of John Dennis at the Civic Center:
John Dennis won the Republican nomination after a spirited primary battle against Dana Walsh. Dennis, however, is not your ordinary Republican. He is a disciple of Ron Paul's eclectic philosophy, as illustrated by the "audit the fed" t-shirt above and the 9-11 truther signs shown below:
In the background above is a man with a white cowboy hat. He is riding a horse and his cause is marijuana legalization (California Proposition 19):
Ron Paul is opposed to all foreign intervention as are the libertarians at which joined the rally:
For John Dennis, this campaign is an uphill battle. In the last three elections in this district, the Republican running against Nancy Pelosi has never received more than 11% of the vote. I asked John Dennis about that earlier this year and he said that he hopes to do better because his libertarian policy positions should have stronger appeal in San Francisco than traditional Republican policies do. Between 2004 and 2008, the Libertarian running against Nancy Pelosi never received more than 2.2% of the vote.

The man below had a t-shirt which likely serves him well where ever he goes: "I'm surrounded by idiots." Behind him, on the podium at the right and wearing a yellow shirt, is the hero of this rally, Rep. Ron Paul:
This rally was organized by Young Americans for Liberty.

RELATED: Is Ron Paul a 9-11 truther? Most recently, he says he has "abandoned" trutherism but, previously, he appeared to endorse it. He also appears to advocate Kennedy assassination conspiracies.

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Anonymous said...

I get bubbly thinking that John Dennis can help end the war and beat Nancy Pelosi. Does she even have a campaign staff yet? John has two million almost and hordes of volunteers in an once of a century storm!

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