Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sign of the times: Obama supporters outnumbered 20-to-1 in liberal Marin County

Obama's Organizing-for-America sent out an alert Saturday asking that Obama supporters to gather for an Obamacare rally to counter a planned gathering Sunday of conservatives and libertarians being organized by the San Francisco Bay Area Patriots. Attempts to lobby the city of Mill Valley to forbid the Patriots from meeting there had failed. So, Organizing-for-America decided on a strategy of "outnumbering" the pro-liberty groups. Here is the plea they sent out:
Subject: Fwd: Rally Mill Valley Tomorrow

Hi, everyone. You may have read about this in the Marin IJ [Independent Journal]. The Tea Baggers organizer said she is expecting 300 participants for their event, coming from all over the Bay Area, and it will definitely be covered by the press. Please make our rally if you can. We certainly don't want to be outnumbered by the opposition on our home turf of Marin County. [Emph. added]

Marlene Puaoi
Team Leader
OFA Novato

Tea Baggers coming to Mill Valley tomorrow. See rally info with link
Can you send this link to your teams.
thank you,

Here is a photo of all the people at the pro-Obamacare rally:
As you can see, about a dozen pro-Obama protesters showed up. If you look carefully, you will see one man wearing a blue phone booth. That is intended to inspire you call your Congressman and ask for socialized medicine.

Contrast the diminutive rally shown above with the capacity crowd just a half mile down the street at the Patriot's meeting at the Mill Valley Community Center:

40 groups and 500 individuals pre-registered for the networking event. More people showed up at the door but had to be turn away because of fire regulations.

Mill Valley is in California's Marin County which is and remains liberal. The contrast between the paltry attendance at the Obamacare rally with the overflow crowd at the conservative meeting shows however where the energy lies.

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